Laravel Backpack Authentification | Create a CRUD admin panel for users

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By default after installed Backpack, all users are considered admins.

If that’s not what you want in your application (you have both users and admins), please:

  • Change app/Http/Middleware/CheckIfAdmin.php, particularly checkIfUserIsAdmin($user), to make sure you only allow admins to access the admin panel;
  • Change app/Providers/RouteServiceProvider::HOME, which will send logged in (but not admin) users to /home, to something that works for your app;


Backpack uses Laravel’s default App\User model.

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Create a CRUD administration panel for users

To create a CRUD administration panel for users, run

php artisan backpack:crud user

This command will create the “users” table and password_resets table.

Now will see the user area in the admin sidebar.
baclpack user area

or create your custom user table

1. Create the migration

php artisan make:migration create_users_table --table=users

2. Add add the columns you need for the “users” table

Below are the columns I added.

    public function up()
        Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) {
            $table->string('image', 255)->nullable();     

3. Run the migration

Because the user table already exists in my database, after I added the new fields (image, is_admin) I will run the php artisan migrate:fresh command.

The migrate:fresh command will drop all tables from the database and then execute the migrate command: php artisan migrate.

What is rememberToken() in the “users” table?

Before getting started, make sure that your users (or equivalent) table contains a nullable, string remember_token column of 100 characters. This column will be used to store a token for “remember me” sessions being maintained by your application. This can be done by using $table->rememberToken(); in a migration.

Install Laravel-Backpack PermissionManager

If You need to have both users and admin, Install Laravel-Backpack PermissionManager package. It allows admins to easily add/edit/remove users, roles and permissions, using Laravel Backpack.
Admin interface for managing users, roles, permissions, using Backpack CRUD.

This package is just a user interface for spatie/laravel-permission. It will install it, and let you use its API in code.

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