Using functions in Python

python functions

A function is a reusable block of code that is used to perform a single action and is executed only when called.
You can pass data, known as parameters, into a function.

Creating a Function

To start the definition of a function, use the def keyword.

Return value from a function

The return keyword is used when You want to return a value.

The return statement ends the execution of the function call and returnsthe result.

def hello():
    return "Hello Webpedia"

//Hello Webpedia


def hello():
    return "Hello"
print(hello(), "Webpedia")

//Hello Webpedia

The return keyword can be anywhere inside a function body, although it is the last line of the function.

A function can have multiple return statements.

Exercises and examples

def hello(lang):
    if lang == 'en':
        return "Hello Webpedia"
    elif lang == 'fr':
        return "Bonjour Webpedia"
        return "Hi Webpedia"

//Hello Webpedia

//Hi Webpedia

A function can have more than one parameter.

def sum(a,b):
    c = a + b
    return c
sum = sum(1,4)


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