Turn wordpress into community or social network

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If you want to create a wordpress community or a social network, where users have the ability to create profiles, submit content and interact, you can:

1. Use a budypress theme

This is the easy way! There are many budypress themes (most of them paid) that transform your wordpress blog into a social network.
See 20+ BuddyPress Themes

Some of the most popular wordpress budypress themes:

2. Use your own theme with plugins

Also You have the option to use your own free theme, with wordpress plugins.

Some of the plugins that available out there:

  • theme my login add login, registration and forgot password pages to your wordpress site, according to your current theme.
  • Given the popularity of social networks, is a good idea to use WordPress Social Login that give users possibility to register on your wordpress website using their existing social accounts IDs(Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and more), eliminating the need to fill out registration forms and to remember usernames and passwords.
  • First 2 plugins can be used together with wp user frontend that give users the ability to edit their profile, create new posts, all from the website frontend. In this way, the user doesn’t need to enter in wordpress backend admin panel, to do these things.

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