Tips to Rank your Website in 2020

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From year to year, it is increasingly difficult to rank in Google, especially if you have a small site or an affiliate site. Small sites are disadvantaged in front of large authority websites, I see many ebooks that rank well in the last period, pdfs, social pages, etc

Therefore any advice that will help the sites to rank is welcome and must be considered!
Below are some tips that I think are important for ranking sites in 2020

1. Mobile-first focused

On March 05, 2020, Google announced mobile-first indexing for the whole web. Google will switch to the first mobile indexing for all websites starting in September 2020. So it is vital to have a mobile-friendly website to be able to rank in 2020.

Is your web page mobile-friendly?

Test your website with Google Mobile-friendly tool.

2. Write Unique, High-Quality Content

If niche allows you, write unique, quality articles, preferably between 1000-200 words.

Be careful! It is very important to avoid cannibalizing articles, avoid multiple articles for the same topic, keywords.

3. Build Your own brand

Find a name that’s unique in your space to avoid confusion. Keep it short, easy to remember, so that users can search for your brand or enter directly on the site.
Be careful! If you sell a product or have an online store and you will do PPC, Google Ads, from my experience, will tell you that most conversions and at the most advantageous price will come from brand searches.

Another tip is to not let your site get outdated as a position in organic searches! If you have a site with low authority, avoid listing on marketplaces, as they will outlast your site in brand searches. If you really want to list, try doing it under a different name.

3. Improve your website E-A-T

In February of 2019, Google confirmed that E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) is a very important metric in determining which sites to rank. Find more about E-A-T in the QRG, Google Quality Raters Guidelines.
Google will take into account your site authority and trust by analyzing the quality and content of the backlinks pointing to your website, amongst other important metrics (website speed, SSL, mobile-friendly, etc).

How to improve E-A-T on your website?

  • Add as much detailed information as possible about the content authors. For example, add an “About” page with a clear and detailed summary of your credentials, experience, and extent of your knowledge in your chosen niche. This builds validity and gives a real person behind the site.
    Every page on your site you want to rank needs to include the author responsible for that content which helps Google understand how much experience to allocate to that content.
  • As for backlinks, try to get links from authoritative sites on your niche. If Google has flagged a site as highly trustworthy and your links are coming in from there it will begin associating your site as reputable. You can get links by writing guest posts and quality content on relevant sites, specialized forums, etc

4. Write attractive meta titles and descriptions to get maximum clicks

In Google Ads and Seo, one of the ways that Google quantifies your quality score is through a CTR or click-through rate.

In Google Ads, Quality Score is composed of expected click-through rate, Ad Relevance, and landing page experience.

Therefore it is vital to have meta descriptions as attractive as possible to obtain a maximum number of clicks. Read more here about how quality score is calculated

Add Emojis to Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

To gain more visibility You can add Emojis to Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. They might help out SEO.

However, it is not good to overdo it with their use. Also, Emojis may not appear in desktop browsers or If users don’t have the emoji set on their device. Instead, Google will show an empty rectangle image.

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