The best courses, books and tutorials about Angular

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If you want to learn Angular, in this topic I present the best paid or FREE courses, books, and tutorials about Angular that I found and considered very useful and interesting.

Angular courses for beginners

  • Angular: Getting Started by Deborah Kurata on PluralSight – a course for beginners very well explained, which helped me a lot.

Angular Forms Related

Paid video courses

  • Angular Reactive Forms by Deborah Kurata on PluralSight – It’s a very good course if you want to go into details about reactive forms in Angular, very well explained. This course details how to build Reactive forms, validate user-entered data, and save that data using HTTP. Is a course that requires intermediate/advanced knowledge of Angular.

Angular material UI related courses

Free courses & clips

If you have interesting materials about Angular, I invite you to post them in the comments section. Only documentation related to Angular!

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