SEO basics, tips & tricks, essentials for optimizing your site – Updated 2022

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About Link Exchange and Google Link schemes

Links are one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. Read here a full article about Link Exchange and what do Link schemes mean for Google?

How many characters use in a meta title?

The meta title length in 2022

There’s no exact character limit because characters can vary in width, but Google shows up to 600 pixels on a desktop.
If you keep your titles under 60 characters, most times your titles to display properly.

How many characters use in a meta description?

The meta description length in 2022

The meta description length should have between 120 – 158 characters, up to 920 pixels.
Write a meta description clear, simple, and eye-catchy, focused on the targeting searched keywords. Otherwise, Google generates descriptions from the site content.

What is Crawl Budget?

Google doesn’t index all pages of a site. The Crawl Budget is the number of pages that Googlebot crawls and indexes from a website.
In short, the larger the crawl budget is, the more pages indexed by Google, so the organic traffic will be higher!

How to optimize your website’s crawl budget?

In general, very large sites need to be careful with the Crawl budget. If you own a small site you don’t need to worry about the crawl budget.
Below are the main things that can affect your website’s crawl budget (order does not matter):

  • Faceted navigations and URL parameters
  • On-site duplicate content
  • Low quality and spam content
  • Soft-error pages
  • Site speed

Tips to optimize your website’s crawl budget

Improve Your Site speed

Website Speed is very important. It’s so important that Google has made it an actual ranking factor.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Limit duplicate content! Google wants quality and unique content. So, it is necessary to implement correctly the canonical tags properly.

Be careful at faceted navigations

Avoid orphan pages

What is an Orphan Page?

An orphan page is a page without any internal links to it.

How to find Orphan Pages on Your website?

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