JavaScript Objects | Exercises, Practice and Solutions

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In this post, I set out to add problems with JavaScript objects that I find interesting. Are problems of simple or medium difficulty, but which have the role of helping you learn how to work better with objects.

Therefore, I invite you to post problems that you liked with Javascript objects in the comments.

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1. Count of the total number of objects obj satisfying obj.x == obj.y.

I fount this problem on HackerRank, 10 days of JavaScript
1. An array of objects is given.
2. Each object in the array has two integer properties: x and y
3. Count the total number of objects obj satisfying obj.x == obj.y.

My solution:

function getCount(objects) {
    let arrayItems = objects.filter((item) => {
        return item.x == item.y;
    return arrayItems.length;

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