How to nofollow all external links in wordpress


By default, WordPress does not let you to automatically add nofollow to external links. You will have to manually add it or use a plugin to do this in an easier way.

Tested plugin

Nofollow for external link

Use this plugin, and rel=nofollow and target=_blank will be automatically inserted, for all external links of the site posts or page.

You can also exclude domains by not to adding rel=nofollow for the selected external links.

  • The plugin will not add rel=nofollow or target=_blank to any internal link on your website posts/pages.
  • If you previously added manually, rel=dofollow or rel=nofollow to any post , the plugin will not add rel=nofollow for that post.
  • If you previously added manually, target=_blank to any post, the plugin will not add target=_blank for that post.

– very easy to setup

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