Google expand exact match close variants: Now include same meaning variations

Google announced another change to what are considered close variants of an exact match keyword to include variations that share the same meaning as the keyword, including implied words and paraphrases.

Google says “The exact words are no longer the sole trigger for your ads to show on exact match keywords.”

Example of the exact match keyword [yosemite camping]. With this change, [yosemite camping] will now match to queries such as “yosemite campground” and “campsites in yosemite.”

google expand exact match

If Google’s system understands the intent of the query is different than the keyword, it will not match it.

It’s important to know this change will roll out for English keywords through October, with more languages to follow over the next few months. Read the full article here

For google it’s an advantageous move, more clicks, more profits and more data for machine learning. But for advertisers, these changes are new headaches and additional costs. If we used the exact match, we’ll have to watch campaigns carefully, add negative and new keywords, as appropriate.


In conclusion, exact match becoming so close to phrase match meaning, so in further this change of exact match has me looking at phrase match again.

My opinion is that as an advertiser if you needed variations for exact matches, you can get them from the other types, don’t need to be imposed.

What is your opinion about this change?

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