Google AdWords Manager Defined Spend (MDS)

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Manager Defined Spend (MDS) is a way for My Client Center (MCC) account users to better control the budgets of their AdWords accounts.

It’s available for advertisers who meet the eligibility requirements and offer a better flexibility and efficiency for your managed accounts.

If advertisers decide to move their managed accounts to MDS, they are able to create and modify those accounts budgets via the MCC dashboard. They’ll be charged for these accounts with one Manager Order-level monthly invoice, eliminating the need to constantly renegotiate contracts, without the need for a separate Service Agreement for each account.

Some of the benefits of using Manager Defined Spend (MDS)

  • Better Control of AdWords Budgets
  • Quicker Access to Manage Budgets for all Accounts
  • One Monthly Invoice as Opposed to One Per Account

What types of accounts are eligible/ineligible for MDS?

Consolidated billing is a popular choice for agencies and large advertisers who work with multiple Google Ads accounts and want to streamline their billing by receiving just one monthly invoice.

Requirements for consolidated billing

  • To use consolidated billing you’ll need to have, or create a manager account.
  • You must use the monthly invoicing payment setting to pay for advertising costs. That is, you receive a line of credit from Google and pay down your costs according to agreed-to terms and conditions. If you don’t use monthly invoicing, you might be eligible to apply.
  • All accounts that will share an invoice must use the same currency. If there is more than one currency across the accounts you will receive one consolidated invoice per currency.

This article will show you how to find out whether you qualify to use consolidated billing, and how it works.

Transition to Manager Defined Spend (MDS) will affect my campaigns quality score?

Shimon explains here that transitioning to a MDS from a MCC will not affect quality score, because it’s the same account.

  • Your login/password for your MCC remains the same
  • After transition from a MCC, current budget remains in the account. However renewing the campaign when the budgets and campaign end dates approach is in your control;
  • Quality Score, Account History will remain intact and will not be affected;
  • You will be able to get every account invoice via adwords account in printable / downloadable pdf’s.

Questions from Google Adwords exams that refer to MDS

Which is a benefit of Manager Defined Spend (MDS)?

A) Automatic bidding adjustments for Conversion Optimizer users
B) Control over managed account budgets for My Client Center (MCC) account-users
C) Advanced permissions control for billing preferences in multi-user accounts
D) Payment flexibility for accounts currently on prepay billing

The Correct Answer is B.

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