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In addition to experience, testing, and a lot of observation, SEO means being aware of new changes from Google and search engines in general.

I follow Twitter accounts, blogs, Quora posts, Facebook groups, and forums about SEO, and in this article, I will keep you updated with the most important news, discussions, and opinions about SEO, information that matters from an SEO point of view.

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How Google Understands Videos for ranking? – March 10, 2022

In the Videos in Search podcast by Gary Illyes, asked how does Google understand what is in the videos and Danielle Marshak, a Google Search Product Manager for Videos, explained they understanding from videos in next ways:

  • Very important, audio from the video file is used to understand what words are spoken;
  • Structured data are also important;
  • Visual information can be extracted, such as objects or animals;
  • Characters like heading can be extracted from the video;

NEW! Google likely just automatically ignores links within widgets – March 10, 2022.

John Mueller of Google said on Twitter “widget links are against the webmaster guidelines. We algorithmically work to ignore unnatural links, or to treat them appropriately. We may also take manual action on unnatural links.”

seo google ignore widget_links

I personally don’t think you risk a manual penalty as long as you don’t get too many links in the widget. However, widgets can be a very useful way to syndicate content and it’s natural for blogs to have other recommendations.

I think soon Google will ignore all the links a site receives :))

As a webmaster, you don’t have too many options left: such as the links inside the articles and some old directories, which are not link farms. Check here Best SEO paid directory to add your links

Google says links with UTM Parameters are NOT by default paid links – February 9, 2022

In a Twitter post, John Mueller from Google says that “Links with UTM parameters are just links. They’re definitely not considered paid links.”

google links with UTM

Personally, I think they still have a flag, as long as no one puts natural links with UTM.

Google: category name or topic name in your URL slug has zero impact on your rankings – December 9th, 2021

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that putting the category name or topic name in your URL slug has zero impact on your rankings. See the full discussion here.

google category in the url

Personally, I don’t believe this one bit, but anyway it’s a good thing to add from the perspective of user experience so that the visitor can more easily identify where he is on the site.

Google: Forum Links Do Not Work For SEO – Jul 16 2021

In response to the Reddit thread question, “Is Forum Posting Still Work As Link Building Method in SEO?” Google’s John Mueller said “NO.”

My opinion is that it doesn’t help you as a link in the profile page if it has nothing to do with the topic, on the contrary, I noticed that it hurts sometimes, but a link in a topic related to the website content helps. I had positions on keywords that increased mainly due to the links in 3-4 forum posts, but which were related to the topic of the site. In fact, those forums were in the first pages of results for those keywords.

Also, big sites receive a large proportion of links from forums, links to product pages, so if you want to grow a site, in addition to advertorials, to have a natural profile you also need links from forum topics.

But I repeat, no links in the user’s profile page that are not related to the content of the site.

Google: will Ignore PDFs For Core Web Vitals & Mobile-Friendlessness – Jul 15 2021

Yeah, we essentially ignore PDFs when it comes to Core Web Vitals & mobile-friendliness. Sometimes they show up in the reports, but there’s no need to do anything specific with them.

google pdf seo

So if You have PDFs on your site, you don’t have to worry about the core web vitals scores or if they are mobile-friendly.

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