Basics of UiPath, Tips & tricks

Projects created in UiPath Studio, can be organized in two ways:

  • as flowcharts (execute each action from the start node down, following the arrows)
  • as sequences (simple list of actions, that are executed one after the other)

Those two structures above enable us to control which action take places and when that should happen.


We can nest any number of flowcharts and sequences inside one another.

UiPath variable type


Store any integer number (7,8,663,9 ..)
Can’t use decimal numbers!


Store any kind of text (“hello5f65!$”)

Boolean – True or False


Store almost any type of data, all of the above + a few others


Store list of any type of data, as long as the items in it are of the same kind.
Arrays can contain integers, strings, booleans etc

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